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Taking in the scenery

All budding screenshot grabbers should make sure they check ArenaNet’s “Moment to Moment” screenshot contest where they are looking for Best Action Shot and Best Landscape with some Steel Series goodies up for grabs.

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  • Greetings, everyone!
    Here is the story of my screenshot. The world of Tyria is cruel. So I’ve begun my adventures through it by joining the forces of Sylvari – the race, who is relatively green (in both worth-while and figurative senses) in itself. And they are always eager to learn, experience and understand!
    But such mind “hybridization” of two beings (human from Earth with tyrian Sylvari) had wide implications. Right after first appearance of our hero in the world of Tyria (since his stay in the Dream of Dreams) he has suffered from Oedipus complex, which only heightened by memoirs of brokilonian dryads from (one of) the “past” (human) life :)
    But Ventari Tablet dictates: “Act with wisdom, but act”! So our hero has secretly sneaked right in the Pale Tree’s (the mother of all Sylvari) chamber. Then he concealed himself in the green (that also gave him good boost to “stealth” :) ) hedgerow around private quarters of the Pale Tree right before the audience with Firstborns and the Valiant.
    We can deliberate about our hero’s expectations of such actions (or what would happen between him and the Mother when audience is over) for a long time. But history hasn’t subjunctive mood. So (despite everything and like most of tyrian stories by now) our story has the end, which is full of “sad ambiguity”. His adorable Mother has noticed slight sway of branches on her left and some abscised leafs there. Thus she ordered our hero to wait until audience is over and discuss all of his problems later. Then guards dispatched her “dear child” back to lift (between bottom of the Tree and Mother’s chamber in its crown). But our hero didn’t wait for this moment to come because of the shame (he suffered from during that time) – another “human-kind” sense – and the Mother had much work to do that day too.
    There’s certainly that mother can always understand own children better than anyone else. So, coincidence or not, a bit after the event described above the Pale Tree asked the Valiant to find the missing Sylvari girl who was seeking for an ancient artifact of Orr – the powerful silver mirror. And when this mirror (and the girl of course) was found the Mother of Sylvari has ordered to install it right in front of that hedgerow in her private quarters – “for protective purposes”. It’s still unknown about what kind of things comprise these “purposes” (and from the tale of Snow White we can obtain only one hypothetical example of many)… :)
    Thus I let everyone to imagine possible outcomes of our story and the fate of our hero in it! So far the only plot of this story is follows: “Nothing humane is alien to Sylvari”. And my screenshot (named The-Pale-Tree-audience) placed in 101-st position (1781-st from the very beginning) on page 15-th of the contest gallery here is also the ONLY evidence of all events described above!
    So, if you like the story, feel free to vote for this screenshot as much as you can/want to!
    Best regards, Alexander.

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