NCSoft Explain Pricing Discrepancy with CE in US and Europe

Guild Wars 2 Collector Edition Contents

Guild Wars 2 Collector Edition Contents. Pricing $149.99.

As many of you wil have noiticed, it’s more expensive to get your hands on a CE of Guild Wars 2 if you are in Europe. So why is that? NCSoft has commented on this because the CE costs $149.99 in the US and €149.99/£129.99 in Europe. With the with the excahnge rate you can see it’s a lot cheaper to buy in the US.  So why is this? Well it’s all down to distribution and local taxes according to NCSoft.

“Currency fluctuations, distribution costs, taxes and market conditions in addition to the cost of goods are all contributing factors when setting pricing. These vary dramatically between NA and EU and our pricing is competitive and adjusted accordingly.”

Sadly it looks like EU gamers are being shortchanged again but NCSoft does have a point, it is generally more expensive this side of the pond.

Source: PCGamer

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