Necrobater | Interview with Johanson – Part 2

Concept Art of Asura Necromancer

Concept Art of Asura Necromancer

The second part of the interview with Colin Johanson at Necrobator has posted.

The second part covers in-depth analysis of play-styles for the necromancer as well as interesting tid-bids on exploration and social gameplay in GW2. Although not entirely new, the part that got me most excited was:

All of those have passages that lead out in different directions, and there are little secret passages that you can discover that get you out of that area, other than the main road. And we try to do that everywhere in the game so there are always different options and places you can explore. Then we try to take dynamic events and layer them into those little hidden areas. So if you take one of those back paths and you’re going down it, you might find something back there that no player has ever seen before and kick off a dynamic event because you went down this little back area.

Thanks goes to RealMehTis for pointing out that the second part of the interview had been posted!

Go to Necrobater, and have a read! Then discuss the article here!

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