Necrobater | SDCC Interview with Colin Johanson

Concept Art of Asura Necromancer

Concept Art of Asura Necromancer

Necro-philiacs rejoice! Starting up my GW2 news round searches again, I found this very interesting interview (courtesy of Google search, but the interview has also been found on Guru).

It’s a very interesting interview covering topics from skills, to versatility of play-styles, to synergy and a brief discussion of the trait system – all with a very necromancer-centric approach as you might have guessed from the name of the website.

Go to Necrobater, and have a read! Then discuss the article here!

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  • “I mean, we have the elementalist to fill that role.” (…as fragile caster ranged damage dealer)
    “It is more difficult than say something like the elementalist profession where you’re only dealing with things like the fact that generally they’ll be staying at range.” (…about balancing the resilience of the Necro)

    So, they make the Ele the dumb ass caster class with intended limits compared to a “versatile” class like the Necro?

    I don’t like the sound of it, even when they say “everybody can fill every role with every class”

  • Thanks RealMehtis. Noted and posted! :-)

  • No problem, it was a good interview.

  • Thalanor Thornhale

    The part that got me most excited was the exploration part. Reading the playstyle of the necromancer, I kept on thinking how the Mesmer will be like :-)