New Dungeon, Update Notes, Guides, Inspector Kiel’s Report, and a Gem Giveaway!

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This past Tuesday the Sky Pirates of Tyria Living Story went live, introducing new content and a big balance update. Changes to all eight professions, and not just skills, but traits too, including new traits and moving others around and a new Condition: Torment. And a continuation of the Dragon Bash story as we find out who was responsible for the murder and mayhem, leading to the new Aetherblade Retreat dungeon (GWOnline forum member Rob’s guide here). Plus a new jumping puzzle a scavenger hunt and one of my favorite changes, AOE looting (I did a separate key bind). Come to me my sparkly things…!

Follow the first link above for the full update notes and the subsequent hot fixes, or check out our forum thread with the same info and community commentary.

By the way, that new scavenger hunt ties into the new Guild Wars novel, Sea of Sorrows. The book itself is the third in the trilogy of books that cover some of the lore connecting the original Guild Wars game and Guild Wars 2. If you’re a fan of the books, we’re talking about it a little in our forums too where you can learn useful things like Gorani warning that the scavenger hunt contains a few spoilers about the book, so you might want to screen shot the plaques and read them in full later.

ANet has their usual guide to the current event out too, so take a look here to see all you can do in the new update. (Most of the Dragon Bash content is still available until July 9th too!)

If you liked the Noirish feel of the Marjory story in the last big update, it looks like their continuing to play with this abit in another new lore update with this report from Inspector Kiel. A fun way to pass on some info on what makes the Aetherblade different from other Guild Wars foes. Flying Airships…wonder if that means anything special coming in future updates…?

ESL Cup sign ups are open! It’s nice to see the eSport aspect of GW2 really starting to take off.

Anet has given about $30 worth of Gems to Will Abreu of Major League Gaming and he’s giving them away this weekend. Take a look at his Youtube post for details and good luck!

Lastly, they’ve added a few new things to the gem store. Click the image below for more details.

sky pirates gem store

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