Note on Latest Error Codes and Issues from ArenaNet

ArenaNet have been working hard to resolve the issues today and posted the following note regarding error codes.

[ANET]Error Code 1032: The bug where World transfers results in a long delay, has been resolved. Players who log in will be located in the World that they attempted to transfer from. Players should try again.

Error Code 9: This code results when you are not authorized to play in the Guild Wars 2 3-Day Headstart. Retail codes do not get in–you must access to Headstart, which you obtained by PRE-PURCHASING the game in full. Please contact your retailer to make sure that they’ve given you a 3-Day Headstart code. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Support: using the Ask a Question tab.

Error Code 1038: This error results when you try to log in with an account that does not have a Guild Wars 2 serial code attached to it. Please apply a Guild Wars 2 serial code to this account. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Support:

For a list of common Error Codes, their meanings, and possible solutions, please look at this page:

This is a list of ongoing issues that we’re tracking:

* Guild Issues: This includes guild membership rosters not showing correctly, guild leaders not seeing themselves in the guild, issues with receiving guild invitation notifications, etc.
* In-game mail
* Party issues on overflow
* Trading Post

Our team is working as hard as they can to resolve these issues. We appreciate your patience.[/ANET]

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