November Update – Tyria to Change Forever

November’s content update for Guild Wars 2 sounds like it will be something rather special thanks to the teaser page ArenaNet has fired up online this evening. The Lost Shores update is due to arrive on 15 November so mark the diaries now.

The update release date was dropped following requests for an extension to the October event due to hurricane that hit the east coast of the US.

[ANET]We heard your questions about extending the Halloween event for those of you affected by Sandy. Unfortunately we cannot do that, but the reason why we can’t is exciting: We are preparing for our big November update, which will start on November 15, and there will be content that will be in the game prior to that, leading up to the event. But we also want to use this moment to remind you all that your personal safety is much more important than any computer game. If you could be affected by the storm, please listen to the authorities and take every precaution to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. Tyria will still be there once the storm is over.[/ANET]

Thanks Nameon Lion.

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