Paying for costumes: Yay or Nay?

This week’s blog entry is pretty short, because my fellow bloggers covered the developing “War in Kryta” this week already, added a report about this year’s MantleCon and showed you some new screen shots of the new things that have been added to the game. I just want to take a closer look at one thing Costumes.

In his interview with Wartower a few months ago, Martin Kerstein told us that there will be new costumes. He didn’t want to tell if they were free of charge or if we have to pay for them in the online store.
Now we know. The two new costumes, the Shining Blade Uniform and the White Mantle Disguise are out now – and they require you visit the online store.

For me, it was no big deal. I just thought it was worth the fun, so I paid. For others, people without a credit card, players without big funds of money to spend on a vanity item, it was a little disappointment.
I can understand that ArenaNet needs to make money, so they can keep working on Guild Wars 2, but I see costumes as another step for perhaps more micro-payments in Guild Wars 2 and that worries me a little bit.

What do you think about the costumes? Do you like them and perhaps do you have a favorite?
What are your thoughts on buying them in the online store? Have you? Will you? Or do you just shake your head?

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  • Yay! Bought both costume packs, so now I have 3 wonderful costumes to pick from. (the exception being the white mantle, which I think is goofy, and the female cape moves weird)

    What I love most about it is that it’s an upgrade that doesn’t change gameplay. So whether I get it or not, it won’t affect my effectiveness. Plus it’s a one-shot payment for unlocking the costume, rather than pay-per-use or pay-per-costume-made.

    So far, ANet have made mainly good decisions regarding micro-payments as far as I am concerned. I hope they keep their philosophy for GW2.

  • Got mine for both my main accounts. I don’t mind at all – I would like to see more items added to the in-game store like this, including more special weapons packs (we have Coke specials, but I would like to see more), mini-pets, etc. As long as the items offer no in-game advantage, there should be no reason that Anet shouldn’t have a system of micro-transactions – it will be our choice to buy them or not. If this were a single-player game that was installed on my own PC, or these items were required to continue to log on and play the game, then I would feel a little differently about having to pay for “horse armor,” but GW, is a different animal and has different considerations.

    Let’s remember, GW is an on-line MMO – every time we open up the client and log on, we are using their resources. I don’t like the idea of renting play time any more than sumrtym, which is one reason why I shy away from traditional MMOs and stay with GW. However, Anet has every right to provide a means of income that will allow them to continue to cover their operating costs. This is no different than having to pay your monthly phone bill, or pay your ISP for your Internet connection.

    We should be fortunate enough that Anet developed a great game that keeps us interested and involved – and able to do so without charging us a monthly fee to pay for their costs in maintaining said game and the resources needed to keep it going. I, for one, will always look forward to new items being available for purchase. If I like what I see, I will spend the money; if not, then I will continue to log into the game and enjoy the content I don’t have to pay for anymore.


  • I’ve never been against the idea of pay to play gaming, I just never had the money or inclination to do it; something about my recreation showing up as an automatic deduction on my credit card statement just bugs me. But all in all, paying for extra swag was never a problem for me. I can agree with sumrtyn that paying extra for things like higher resolution might be pushing the envelope even for me, but the current costumes/storage slots/name change buy-ins seem pretty reasonable.