Planet of the Grawl

A Grawl Shaman and a Spirit

A Grawl shaman at work.

A new minor races blog post, penned by Jeff Grubb, was just published over at the ArenaNet blog. The topic of the day is the Grawl, simian creatures living on the edge of civilization. Jeff tells us about Grawl society, their customs and religious beliefs, as well as how they are looked upon by the other races.

Of all the races of Tyria, the apelike grawl are the most underappreciated and underestimated. A race of furry simian bipeds, the grawl can speak and use tools and weapons. They even have a fair approximation of clothing, but they lack most of the trappings of advanced society. They make their homes in caves on the edge of civilization and are considered a lesser race of raiders and bandits by the more developed cultures around them. While many grawl do resort to banditry, just as many seek nothing more than to be left alone.



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