Queen’s Jubilee, Euro Invitational Finalists, PVP Solo Queue, Spell Effect Changes, More

queens jubilee

Newest Living Story release will be Queen’s Jubilee, celebrating the tenth year of Queen Jeennah’s rule. Starts in Divinity’s Reach on August 6th. Check the link above for more info or our forums if you want to chat about it too, but here’s a brief overview of what’s included:

  • Hot Air Balloons will found throughout the world to make it easier to get to the party.
  • New Crown Pavilion and Queen’s Guantlet areas will give you a chance for some solo fights that sound reminiscent of the Norn Fighting Tournament from the original Guild Wars.
  • New craft-able items like the Watchwork Portal Device, which, as the name implies, is your own personal portal. And Mesmer’s throughout the game said, “Wait…What?”
  • Account Wallet is a new interface that will be accessible to any of your characters and hold all in game currencies, Badges of Honor, Guild Commendations, Dungeon Tokens, Laurels, et cetera.
  • PVP Solo Queue is finally making it in the game. This will also result in changes to how the Leaderboards are tracked, so Solo Queue fights won’t affect your Team Arena standings.
  • Champion and Dungeon Boss rewards are changing, with 1 to 3 gold rewards for Dungeon Bosses and Champions now giving a special bag of loot with a chance at rare items.
  • The Mini-Game Rotation system will go live with this release. Look at that, a political promise actually delivered on! First set: Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, Southsun Survival, and Crab Toss.
  • It’s not clear from the page description exactly how this is going to work, but they are going to be doing something to reduce the amount of spell/skill effects you see on screen as the number of effects becomes more and more complex. Something I think a lot of people will welcome.

This past Saturday and Sunday MistLeague hosted the European Qualifier for the Guild Wars 2 Invitational and Team Paradigm won out over Car Crash to get into the finals. If you want to see the final match up, it’s up on MistLeague’s channel here.

Anet’s Lead Writer, Bobby Stein, also did an interview with
I’ve only skimmed it, but he’s giving pretty long, detailed answers and talking about how all the Living Story content out this year does have an underlying theme they will tie together and that they will be putting in a system to better be able to track the Living Story…stories (yes, an Austin Powers 2 reference, live with it.)

gemstore golemFinally today, Anet has listed some new items including new armor skins, for sale in the Gem Store and also issued a reminder that the Aetherized Weapon Skin prices will be going up at the end of this week.