Regina Interview

Regina Buenaobra, as most of you know, is the community manager at ArenaNet and there’s a nice interview with here online here in which discusses her role at the company and of course Guild Wars 2.

Given the behind the scenes access Regina has, being part of ArenaNet, we were wondering how much, if at all, it has changed her perspective of the game and if she had familiarized with the content pre-launch.

I think working in the company gives me insight into design decisions, and being a community manager gives me insight into how those decisions may be perceived or received by fans. Because of those two factors, we’re often able to have responses in mind or are able to give the development team a heads-up about these issues.

The Community Team was already familiar with the game before launch. In preparation for showing the game at various conventions, we got acquainted with the content. In some cases we had to give presentations, so it was important to have a good working knowledge of the game. I mentioned earlier about the all-company play sessions; we had a lot of those before launch, and we still have them to familiarize ourselves with the new content and to provide feedback to the teams working on upcoming content.

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