Rock Paper Shotgun | Asura Thing? A Guild Wars 2 Preview

Just today Alec Meer over at Rock Paper Shotgun published a preview on Guild Wars 2, using a play on words to allude to the way GW2 is looking. He talks about the art, the personalized biography and story, dynamic events, swimming, and elite content.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked into a room with a monitor and a nervously-smiling man at one end and been told I’m about to see the future of MMOs. I smile back politely, and the same old dance begins. Too often, I feel a numbness, a struggle to reconcile professionally wanting to know what’s going on with personally despairing of the idea of giving over dozens of hours of my life to what’s so often a mess of cloned features and over-sold, under-realised promises. My most recent sighting of Guild Wars 2 really did break through that numbness, made me sit up straight and pay full attention

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