Running and Waypoints in GW2

Running.  A small business venture on the side in GW1 sure.  While it may be rewarding to get ran to places in GW1 (i.e., max armor at Droks, skipping stuff because you have played it before, etc) it is not rewarded in GW2–well it is, but it’s a different kind of reward.  This past beta–among other things–I tested running.  I actually did not intend to turn exploration into a run, but this bear wanted to see all they could see and ventured over the mountain.

How easy was it?

I used my level 7 Necromancer to run all the way deep into the 20-25 level zones.  There were a few things that helped me get there.

  • Health Skill – a given.
  • Minions – these guys really kept off aggro.
  • Death Shroud – wear it like a Perma Sin.
  • Way Points – impossible without these; if you run out of money you just zone to the nearest.

Yes, it was relatively easy running to these higher zones–though it did take time, and some creative maneuvering around the odd dynamic event (shouldn’t have accepted those NPC quests).  I took a lot of swimming shortcuts, because the monsters were more near to the bottom–while dodging the occasional water surface creature and nearby land monster.

Is it worth it?

No.  Not even for leveling your character from straight exploration (I gained three levels); it just is not a fun way to play compared to dynamic events, NPC quests, the way the game is suppose to be played…  Besides, there is no way to play the content if you are too low a level anyways.

Once I reached the level 20-25 zones I pushed forward.  By the time I got bored my level 10 Necromancer was naked and out of money.  You never want to be naked and out of money in lands you are unsure about.  And this is where I talk about way points.

Way points have a nice system where you pay more money the farther the way point is. Seeing that I had no more money I was stuck. Seeing that everything could kill me in one shot, I was stuck.  Seeing that this was beta and there probably was not one player to stumble upon me before the event ended, I was stuck.

There really isn’t any point to running in this game unless it is for exploration purposes.  If you do decide to run be warned–there is the good chance you’ll get stuck.



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  • Agreed. I saw a Lvl 7 Elementalist who got killed by the “re-spawning wildlife” (like wolves or bears) in the Lvl 15-25 area. with one or two attacks. She did not have the armour or the health points to with stand an attack or the ability to take down a single normal animal. I revived her two times than gave up after the aggroed the next wolf.

  • The question is, how often would you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, without any money, once the game actually comes out?

    Also, runnning in the GW1 sense won’t work, as you can’t take your party members with you :P

  • Wow, funny article.

    So once we went through the game multiple times, no real way to skip ahead eh? At least I take comfort that the early stuff was entertaining enough that I don’t see myself getting bored of it. Also, one can always switch to WvW for levelling or making money. Maybe PvP even.

    • I believe you can be side-kicked up in PvE, but a player of that higher level has to do it… so once you’ve played through a few times you can have one of your guildmates boost you.

  • Even if someone where to stash a bunch of money away to access way points continuously in running a new character to Zues knows where, you will not be able to play any of that areas content (and most of the content en route). Doing this just to level up a character–IMO from what I did run–it just is not worth the time–especially since you will die–a lot. Playing normally gives you more gold, more experience, and more fun.

  • @Gorani: via normal playing, you realize that you’re too far fairly quickly, and to go backwards. Or at least, it happened to me and I had plenty of time to realize my mistake and go backwards. I even had time to figure out where backwards was, because I was not sure where I was supposed to be… So aside for runners, I wager that it’ll be pretty rare that people would get lost with no way to go back.

    @Lady: one could want to run to get to endgame though.

  • Yeah, I believe u have to be in a party with someone higher to be kicked up. So running ala GW1 may not be entirely lost after all. :D