Server Changes in BWE3!


In a new ArenaNet blog post, Mike Ferguson talks about servers and WvW.

In previous BWEs, WvW has had some difficulty with various different bugs in the system. Rest assured these have been fixed for this latest BWE.

[anet]In addition to the bug fixes, we’ve also updated our WvW matchmaking formula to use additional factors, like score differential to make even more accurate adjustments in future ranking calculations. Our tests indicate that the system is working much better now, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it in action during the event.[/anet]

He also revealed that initially at launch, WvW matches will restart every 24 hours to allow for populations to settle and the matchmaking system to accurate set matches.

The final way they are planning to make sure WvW matches are fun and fair is by reducing the number of servers. Mike explains:

[anet]As our esteemed Lead Server Programmer Dr. Stephen Clarke-Willson put it recently, “Quite frankly, we made too many worlds for BWE2 just because we could and not because we should, and thus we had a lot of low population worlds. This time around we’re focusing our new CPU horsepower into fewer, more populated worlds.”[/anet]

With new technology in place, and more zones for players to spread out among, ArenaNet is confident that all servers will be able to hold even more players, allowing for more dynamic populations and more fun game play for everyone.

[anet]Don’t worry, we’ll be closely monitoring our world populations this weekend and can quickly launch new worlds as needed should problems arise with our new population limits. Our server tech is now able to raise or lower population caps with some very simple changes that don’t require us to take the game down. This lets us adjust world populations based on how the servers react and you won’t even have to leave the game![/anet]

For a full list of the available servers, and for more information about WvW, be sure to check out the blog post.


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