Shadow of the Mad King Arrives for Halloween

No MMO would be complete without a Halloween event and Guild Wars 2’s event is the Shadow of the Mad King. The update goes live on 22 October and Tyria will become Halloween themes with new mini-games, new dynamic events, and more. ArenaNet tease the Halloween event with: “Be prepared for an epic adventure in four acts starting October 22 and running until October 31.”

To start off, Halloween costumes and new transforms that will allow you to play Costume Brawl with fellow costumed players thanks to Evon Gnashblade at the Black Lion Trading Company.

PvP Paid Tournaments will also available for five man teams, you’ll need tickets to enter but there are better rewards up for grabs. Team will earn qualifier points which will carry over for larger tournaments in the future.

Looks like it’s going to be a very fun holiday period for players :)


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