Sign up as a GWOnline Secret Charr!

Wintersday Charr

Ho Ho Ho!

Sure Thanksgiving is not even over yet, but Wintersday is just an Asura-toss away. It is already time to get festive, and what better way to get in the proper Wintersday spirit than by participating in GWOnline’s very own Secret Charr?

Secret Charr works exactly the same as Secret Santa, just with a little more fur, and lots of extra teeth!

How do you sign up?
Just provide a post with the following:

  • Picture of your Guild Wars Avatar for possible Drawing
  • Name of your Guild Wars Avatar and profession for possible Fan-Fiction
    (may include more information as well if you like)

We will be taking participants until December 9th (got a 3-day extention).

Please visit the thread in our community forum for the full details of Secret Charr!