Sky Pirates of Tyria News, Big Balance Update Coming, Guild Wars Novel and More (including a contest)

sky pirates bannerAnet’s latest news release for the Sky Pirates of Tyria living story is just packed full of awesomeness. New dungeon, more living story, biggest balance update ever, announcement of the third Guild Wars novel (Sea of Sorrows), new, permanent Scavenger Hunt, new, permanent Jumping Puzzle, new headgear (a Monocle), several other rewards, and new Gem Store items. Check out the above link for the details, or come read about it in our forum and tell us what you think.

They already have an overview up of the skill and trait balances they will be making. Link is also in the main Sky Pirates link above.

This is very short notice (ends June 22 11:59 pm Pacific (Jun 23 6:59am UTC), but if you have a great GW2 app you just finished or are about done with, is running a contest with some great prizes for people who submit the best GW2 apps to them.

Anet has also made the Dragon Bash themed character selection screen music available for download at SoundCloud. (FYI, the music will start playing as soon as that page loads up.)

Speaking of Dragon Bash, they released more new content this week and you can now do enough achievements in game to earn holographic dragon wings! Latest Update Notes. Guide to new Dragon Bash content here (fyi, spoilers).

I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way.

Marjory’s Story

Also, forum poster Rob Van Der Sloot has also put up a guide to Dragon Ball for people having trouble getting into it.

Forum poster Sir Jack also just posted some previews of the weapons the Aetherblades wield. Very cool stuff, click here to take a look.

Anet’s next Developer Livestream is tomorrow Noon Pacific (7pm UTC). Topic: PVP tactics. GW2 Twitch.TV

Finally, Anet has also released part one of a write up on the back story of one of the NPCs introduced with the Dragon Bash living story. Read Marjory’s Story: the Last Straw.

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