Southsun Cove Update Notes

Hey, is that a new Asura Gate I see?

Hey, is that a new Asura Gate I see?

The May Upate is now live, bringing us the new Southsun Cove content. Jump in and enjoy the sun and surf as it will only be available through June 4th. Don’t get too close to the animals though…

A few highlights from the notes:

  • New weapons skins and minis added
  • New Guild Treks for Southsun Cove area
  • WvW EB Jumping Puzzle now a separate map
  • WvW now has traps
  • New Gem Store item How to Dance 400 gems
  • First Skill Lag fix is in (more to come)

[source][/source]Follow the little red icon link to the right to read all the notes, or check out the full notes in our forum. Then come join us in discussing the new Southsun Cove content here.

FYI, Cragstead not being accessible is a bug and they hope to have it fixed today.

Reginal also posted a short “things to do list” for the new Southsun Cove content here.

Finally, GWOnline’s Alaris created an interesting article about Rangers’ (generally bad) Dungeon reputation vs their actual performance in a more casual or medium level ability group, which has sparked a very lively forum debate. Come on in and join the fun. And check our RD’s piece on the problems with Town Clothes and then let us know what you think in the forum!

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