Southsun Cove? What’s that?

Several months ago, Anet put a shiny new area in the game with these freaking huge multi-shot dealing crabs of death, and we all thought, “Cool! GW2’s version of Sorrow’s Furnace!” Alas, despite being the one time source of a few precursors, 20 slot inventory boxes and an awesome (though lag-filled) final boss fight, not much more was done with the area…. Until now!

Click for more information.

Click for more information.

Coming to a Guild Wars 2 Server near you on May 14, 2013



Don’t forget to check out RD’s article on Town Clothing and then come to our forum and let us know what you think!

Remember, the new Molten Weapons Facility Dungeon is only in game until May 13th.

And if you didn’t know, Anet added an unlimited usage mining pick for 800 gems to the Gem Store, but it too will be going away on May 13th. They also added the ability to buy up to 8000 gems in one transaction with the April update.

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