Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

Welcome to the second weekly GWOnline news roundup.

Last week was as you all know the G*Star 2011, and one news item in particular should get some juices flowing among the PvP community. The ArenaNet development team, with players such as Karl and Izzy, got beat by a fan team comprised of none other than players from War Machine and The Last Pride, famous Guild Wars 1 guilds that reaped many wins before retiring from Guild Wars 1. That they will return to Guild Wars 2 is great news indeed. Join the discussion in our community forum for videos and images. ArenaNet took the loss with grace though.

I wasn’t there but I can confirm that what we at ANet heard was that the Warmachine/Last Pride team won vs. Karl, Izzy and some NCSoft employees. Karl and Izzy are the only “PvP experts” that we sent to G-Star, they will of course be asked to fall on their swords when they get back into the office to atone for their disgrace – Eric Flannum

Continuing on the PvP track, the fellows over at Team Quitter posted an interlude in their PvP-focused feature series on the Guild Wars 2 professions. Not being able to contain themselves, they speculate about the possibility of the final profession being mesmer. Agree? Join our community forum discussion.

Other news this week:

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