Sunday Weekly Guild Wars News Roundup

This week has been full with lists of what people think 2012 might bring. So many lists that ArenaNet did a link roundup of all their year end awards and stuff. Quite the collection! Other official news are the much anticipated Guild Wars 1 Elementalist update that went live. The adorable Charr Plushie is back in stock (squee!). And of course there were loads of podcasts, videos and blogs. Follow after the jump for the full rundown!



No new interviews were published this week that we know of.

Videos and Podcasts:


As comprehensive as ArenaNet’s roundup was, here are a few more mentions of Guild Wars 2 on most anticipated for 2012 lists (Forum discussion):

And there is still at least one list being compiled as we speak:

Non-list related content there was of course also plenty of:


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