Synthesis: What’s known about the Mesmer?

Mesmer Concept Art

Mesmer Concept Art

The release of the 8th and final profession – the Mesmer – was accompanied by a deluge of interviews. Through these interviews and the profession page, we have learned that the Mesmer is a magical-duelist who uses his or her illusions, and mental trickery to confuse a foe and setup situations beneficial only to the Mesmer.

Although each interview in itself has given us only a brief glimpse into the Mesmer profession, the combination of different interviews gives us a more complete picture than meets the eye at first. So what have we learned about this profession? This article attempts to make sense of all the information.

1. How many builds are possible with the Mesmer?

We know that the Mesmer can use a variety of magical, ranged, and melee weapons. These include:

  • Main Hand: Sword, Scepter
  • Off Hand: Focus, Pistol, Sword, Torch
  • Two-Handed: Staff, Greatsword

The variety of weapons available for the mesmer gives him/her a total of at least 24 weapon-associated skills. This gives the Mesmer 10 ways to pick his first weapon set, and 9 ways to pick his second weapon set. Thus, the Mesmer has 90 different ways to chose 10 weapon-associated skill slots from a pool of at least 24 weapon-associated skills.

Note that the above number is not the total number of builds possible with the Mesmer. This count does not include any of the shatter skills which the Mesmer always has access to via F1-F4 keys, nor any auxiliary, healing or elite skills. When one considers the additional layers of complexities that come from the trait system and filling the other skill slots the number of possible Mesmer builds will be much higher.

2. What sort of skills does the Mesmer have?

Between the many different interviews, the following list emerges.

2.1 Weapon-Associated


  1.   A skill that blocks an attack and creates a clone upon successful blocking.
  2.   A skill that shoots out a purple beam and causes the enemy to be confused.
  3.   A skill that shoots out a purple projectile and deals damage.


  1.   Leap: Creates clone at location and leaps Mesmer in the direction he is facing.
  2.   Illusionary Leap: Creates clone and leaps the clone forward leaving the Mesmer in place.
  3.   A skill that swipes at enemy for damage.


  1.  Illusionary Duelist: Creates phantasm that unloads a volley of pistol shots.


  1.  Illusionary Warden: Creates phantasm with two axes that performs a skill similar to Whirling Defense.


  1.   Backfire: A phantasm that deals a lot of damage to a foe if he activates a skill.
  2.   Prestige: Makes the Mesmer vanish in a flash of smoke, cloak, and reappear 3 seconds later dealing damage in an area around him/her.


  1.   A skill that channels energy toward a foe dealing increased damage with increased distance.
  2.   A skill that causes the Mesmer to roll backwards and create a clone at the final destination.
  3.   A skill that creates a phantasm that swirls around crippling foes in the area.


  1.   Chaos Storm: Creates a circular area in which foes get random conditions; allies get random boons.
  2.   Illusionary Mage: Creates an illusion that deals more damage for each condition on foe.
  3.   A skill that teleports the Mesmer to a location and creates a clone nearby which spreads conditions.

2.2 Shatter Skills

  1.   Mind Wrack: Destroys all your summoned illusions and does damage to opponents near them.
  2.   Cry of Frustration: Destroys all your summoned illusions and gives the confused condition to nearby foes.
  3.   Diversion: Destroys all your summoned illusions and stuns nearby foes.
  4.   Reflection: Destroys all your summoned illusions and places a barrier around the Mesmer, which reflects enemy projectiles.

2.3 Healing Skills

At this time, knowledge of healing skills is very incomplete. Thus far there was only mentioning of two skills:

  1.  Mirror: Heals the Mesmer while reflecting projectiles coming towards the Mesmer.
  2.  One of the mantra spell has healing power.

2.4 Auxiliary Skills

The exact number of auxiliary skills is unknown. One of the interviews revealed that one third of all the skills consists of mantras.

  1.   Veil: Creates a circular area giving stealth to allies within it.
  2.   Portal: Each time cast, this spell creates a portal through which the Mesmer and his allies can travel to once the other end of the portal is cast.
  3.   Decoy: Makes the Mesmer invisible and creates a clone at its location.
  4.   One of the mantras causes the foe to be dazed when popped.

2.5 Elite Skills:

  1.   Moa Bird: Targeted foe becomes a moa bird for a limited amount of time.
  2.   A skill that allows the Mesmer to take the damage of an ally.

3. Synthesis

Apart from the 5 skill videos shown on the official Mesmer profession page, we actually know a lot about weapon-associated skills. Of the 24 or so weapon-associated skills, 16 have been revealed or talked about in one form or another which represents about 2/3 of all the weapon-associated skills!  These skills show that every weapon-type has at least one way to create some sort of illusion. Very few direct damage skills were revealed. But this may have been the result of a bias to talk about skills that emphasize the uniqueness of the Mesmer.

Although weapon-associated skills are fairly well-explored, our knowledge of various healing, auxiliary and elite skills as well as how the trait system may interact with all the skills is very incomplete. This will be perhaps an area future interviews can explore.

Regardless, it is clear that playing the Mesmer will be a unique experience that will require exceptional positional-awareness combined with good observational skills, and a very pro-active style of play in order to survive due to the light scholar armor the Mesmer wears, and to optimally exploit his or her illusions to highest benefit. This is not your warrior, or guardian who can stand in one place and soak up the damage, nor is the Mesmer a powerful elementalist who can call impressive fiery storms from the sky. The Mesmer’s style is more refined. In the end, this profession will be very rewarding to master for those who love a cerebral type of fighting experience.

4. Comments, Question, Opinions, Feedback?

To find out where the information about the different Mesmer skills came from, please visit the “Mesmer Resource” thread on this forum which also served as a template for this article. Feel free to leave comments and feedback about your Mesmer observations here otherwise!

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