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ArenaNet Global Brand Manager Chris Lye talks Subscription Models

Many of you will have heard this week that EA and Bioware are to move Star Wars: The Old Republic over to a free to play model this autumn which was not exactly surprising news. In an inrerview  on the Verghe, ArenaNet global brand manager Chris Lye discusses how the world of MMOs and subscription […]

Beta Forums Slowly Shaping

People already having registered their pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2, might have tried to access the official forums. Today, those look a little less “work in progress” than the last few days, although actual forum links are not working yet. You can access the “Account section” (although I did not dare to try to change […]
Of Squee and QQ Every new game eventually butts head with the full gaming community – upon release.  With expectations and ideals so diverse among the community, there will  always be those who do not like the cake.  Whether the cake gets devoured, is awkwardly accepted with lingering disappointment, or altogether shunned; one can imagine hearts […]

Interview with Angel Leigh McCoy

Angel Leigh McCoy is one of the writers and game designers at Arenanet currently working on GW2. She recently gave an interview at Nevermetpress about her work, and her writing. The interview covers her early career as a writer for table-top RPG but also includes a discussion about how she ended up at Arenanet as […]

ANet Gives Guild Wars 2 Year End Development Update

The developers over at ArenaNet have just released an update for the end of the year. Topics of discussion include the achievement system, promised information about tweaks to the thief profession, and finally enhancements to the fighting skill animation system. Head on over to the blog article and get the details! What is your opinion […]

Halloween at the ArenaNet studio

Halloween 2011 at the ArenaNet studios. Can you identify the costumes? In their latest blog post, posted by community manager Regina Buenaobra, ArenaNet shares their studio’s Halloween celebrations with their fans, specifically the staff’s costumes. Looks like they had a smashing time. Even more pictures of all the costumes can be found  on ArenaNet’s Flickr stream. […]

Asura Week Day 5

On the final day of Asura Week, Ree Soesbee shares a piece of Asura lore. In a short story Ree paints another vivid picture of life in Tyria, this time about an asuran Krewe on a mission going pearshaped. By the time they burst out into the main skritt cavern, it was already a free-for-all. […]

Asura Week Day 4

On the fourth day of Asura Week, ArenaNet first updated the Asura page on the official Guild Wars 2 website. There is new lore, new wallpapers and screen shots, as well as a stunning video from the asura home city, Rata Sum (bonus points for those who know what the letters in that name can […]

Asura Week Day 3

On the third day of Asura week, Angel Leigh McCoy writes about writing the Asura. The blog post details the Asuran tone of voice, that would be Snarky Mc Smartypants, and even gives some audio examples.

Asura Week Day 2

On the second day of Asura week, ArenaNet once again give us double the fun with two blog posts. First out was Matt Barret who continues where he left off yesterday, giving us details about the design of the Asuran environments. He explains how the Asura are very far away from the goblin archetype, and […]

Asura Week Day 1

At the first day of Asura week, ArenaNet spoiled us with not one, but two blog posts. First out was Matt Barret, who gave us a glimpse on what went into designing the Asura. From an almost Skritt-like creature to the Asura we love-hate today. He then ends the blog post with an absolutely breathtaking […]

Anet | “Guild Wars 2 Hinter den Kulissen”

A Behind-The-Scenes on German voice acting in GW2 was just posted on the official Anet. If you don’t know German, the video is structured in a similar way as the original video on voice acting in GW2 “Giving Tyria a Voice”. I have posted that video here for comparison. It’s interesting to see how voice […]

Anet | PAX Prime 2011 Plans

  Just in time for PAX Prime, ArenaNet has announced more detailed plans for the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo 2011 in their newest blog. The article contains a Q and A. Also note the schedule for the panel discussion sessions throughout the weekend posted below. To get all the details of PAX Prime 2011, go […]