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Colin Johanson on Dungeon Difficulty

I thought this was an interesting post from Colin over on the official board regarding Dungeon difficulty which can be highly subjective based on your current skill level. [ANET]“What I would call ‘hard’ was trying to run Domain of Anguish and Mallyx with a balanced setup in the first weeks it was released. Many people […]

Breaking News, Colin Johanson Leaving ArenaNet!

In a press release issued from ArenaNet today, the Bellevue-based developer revealed that one of their core staff, Lead Designer Colin Johanson, will be leaving the company to work with a yet to be announced project with none other than Joss Whedon. This should come as a shock to any Guild Wars 2 fan, and inside […]

CynicalBrit | Guild Wars 2 Developer Talk

As a final wrap-up, TotalHalibut at CynicalBrit just uploaded a two-part video of the Eurogamer Expo Developer talk. Featuring gameplay, character creation, and more. Part 1 Part 2

TubeElephant | Video Interview with Colin Johanson

YouTube user TubeElephant is back, this time with a brand new video interview from Eurogamer Expo with Colin Johanson. The interview includes some previously unanswered questions so well worth the watch. Enjoy!

Bitgamer | Interview with Colin Johanson

Also the fellows over at Bitgamer were able to snag Colin Johanson for some face time at Eurogamer Expo. It is a lengthy interview with some new information. For instance, there may be even more Guild Wars novels in the future, after the current trilogy is concluded with “Sea of Sorrows”. BG: Are you going to carry […]

Eurogamer | GW2 Preview and talk with Colin Johanson

After giving Guild Wars 2 their Editors’ Game of the Show Award, Eurogamer follows up with an article on their impressions of the GW2 demos and an interview with Colin Johanson about PvP and more. A delicate class, the mage requires tactical awareness and nimble fingers. Or – in the case of Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese […]

GeForce UK | EuroGamer Expo Colin Johanson Interview

The fellows over at GeForce UK were able to snag Colin Johanson for a chat at EuroGamer Expo 2011 at Earl Courts, London, England. They talk about the asura, the history of the Pale tree, how the development is coming along and more!

MMORPG | Interview with Colin Johanson

Now that gamescom 2011 is over, the media outlets are starting to gather their thoughts and release the information gained over the last couple of days. One of the sites, I am keeping an eye on (MMORPG) has just released an interview with Colin Johanson. It discusses different features of the gamescom demo including character […]