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Community Feature – Newbie Blogger Initiative

If you are a frequent patron of the MMO blogoshpere you might have noticed a peculiar abundance of tips for new bloggers lately. For the full month of May bloggers shared their experiences about starting a blog and how to find your own voice. This deluge of info was no accident. In stead it was […]

GWO Community Spotlight: EU Fan Day – Aftermath

As most of you already know, last Monday and Tuesday (April 2-3) ArenaNet invited almost two baker’s dozen European fan sites to their Brighton offices in the UK for some Rytlock Brimstone quality time, a developer Q&A (transcribed Part 1, Part 2) as well as hands-on with the game. One of the participants, Albert from the Spanish Fansite […]
For this next installment of the GWOnline Community Features we had a chat with Rhonda, also known as Malibu Barbie to the Guild Wars community. Rhonda is one of the central figures of the “Pink Day in LA” events in Guild Wars 1, and we were of course thrilled to hear that she and the […]
For our second community feature here at GWOnline, we wanted to talk to someone with a lot of hands-on experience of PvP in Guild Wars 1 at its peak. We were therefore very happy to be able to catch Shawn Smith, or Shawn The Divine as he is known as in the Guild Wars PvP […]
Guild Wars columnist, guild leader, podcaster and now tv show host. Rubi Bayer is a busy woman with many talents. Yesterday being the grand premiere of the new Guildcast tv show, GWOnline took the opportunity to ask Rubi some questions about the show, Guild Wars and her feelings about Guild Wars 2. Follow after the jump for […]