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MMO Reviews Interviews Eric Flannum

MMO Reviews sat down with Eric Flannum to talk PvP, PvE, and WvW.  Check the interview here.

GW2 PvP info roadmap over the next few months.

As noted in our latest Sunday News Roundup, people are definitively starting to get anxious about getting more information on PvP in Guild Wars 2. Luckily, ArenaNet seem to have noticed the same and are determined to remedy the situation. In a recent interview at Massively with Eric Flannum and John Stumme, Eric divulged that ArenaNet has […]

Jeff Grubb says Sylvari can grow limbs back (probably)

In a fresh lore interview over at the Ashenford Cartel, Jeff Grubb and Eric Flannum answers a lot of in-depth questions about Guild Wars 2 lore. Like the headliner that Sylvari can grow back severed limbs (probably). However we will never see this happen in game since there is no on-camera dismemberment in Guild Wars […]

Eric Flannum interview at Guild Wars 2 Brazil

The fan site Guild Wars 2 Brazil just published a fresh interview with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum. A very nice interview overall, with some interesting tidbits: There will be new group-coordinating systems in WvW that we have not seen yet. For players at the group level they will be able to ping the map, draw on […]
The end of the convention season is here, and rounding up the field is the G*Star 2011. Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet and their publisher NCsoft are of course at site, for the first time showcasing Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market. For the convention the Guild Wars 2 demo has been beefed up, with more character […]

Eric Flannum talks iteration in Guild Wars 2

Ravious over at Kill Ten Rats had a chat with Eric Flannum about the iterative process ArenaNet uses in the development of Guild Wars 2. This process is used for everything; art and music, cinematics, combat systems and more. For instance, Eric mentions crafting specifically as a system that received an overhaul after Alpha testing. […]

PCGamer | GW2 preview

  ArenaNet is garnering even more mainstream gaming media attention with this preview published at the PCGamer website today. The author Rich McCormic gives his impressions of the game from a recent demo event, hosted by Eric Flannum. “I don’t know if you noticed, but our dynamic events are very visual.” Yes Eric, I did notice, […]

Dealspwn Eric Flannum Video Interview

There has been a few GW2 interviews since Gamescom and another has popped up today via Dealspwn. In this interview Eric discusses the ideas behind the game and their goals.

IncGamers Eric Flannum Interview

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that the main site popped over to Germany this week to catch up with ArenaNet as the EU press was shown the same content that was on show at the Fan Day last week. John from IncGamers was on hand to check out the new content […]

GZ Eric Flannum Interview

Another interview has cropped up with Eric Flannum and this time it’s GamerZines asking the questions. Topics include the personal story system, mini-pets and more.  This is the first part of a two part interview which will conclude on Monday. Here’s a snip: GZ: Calendar-based events are the main reason why we’ve been going back […]

Engineer Profession Q&A with Eric Flannum

Another short Engineer Profession Q&A with Eric Flannum has emerged at Tentonhammer. Topics covered include technology in GW2 as it is embodied in the engineer profession, the wrench, compatibility of the profession to different races, and some insights into turrets. Source: Tentonhammer

Another Engineer Q&A

More Engineer action to end the week with a short interview over on where Eric Flannum answers more questions on the profession.  Topics include lore, skills and how the Engineer fits with the other professions. Here’s a snip: What type of abilities will Engineers use? Will there be ranged weapons and gadgets? In addition […]

Eric Flannum Talks Engineer

In a new interview on Massively, Eric Flanuum talks more about the Engineer with topics including weapons and gadgets, elixir guns, turrets and more. Here’s a quick primer: Turrets are an exciting concept, but are they complicated to pack up and move, so to speak? What is the skill activation time and recharge like on […]

IncGamers’ Guild Wars 2 Interview – Part 2

This is the second part of our interview with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum, lead designer of Guild Wars 2 and game designer John Peters who discuss numerous topics posed by the Guild Wars: IncGamers community. If you missed part one, the make sure you check that out also. Read on for part 2…

IncGamers’ Guild Wars 2 Interview Part 1

GuildWars: IncGamers caught up with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum, lead designer of Guild Wars 2 and game designer John Peters to find out how development was going and also get some answers on specific game mechanics. This is the first part of our lengthy interview, part 2 will follow shortly.