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Jeff Grubb Interview

The guys over at recently caught up with ArenaNet’s Jeff Grubb to find what’s in store now the game is just around the corner. Click and watch!

MMORPG | Interview with Colin Johanson

Now that gamescom 2011 is over, the media outlets are starting to gather their thoughts and release the information gained over the last couple of days. One of the sites, I am keeping an eye on (MMORPG) has just released an interview with Colin Johanson. It discusses different features of the gamescom demo including character […]

Necrobater | Interview with Johanson – Part 2

The second part of the interview with Colin Johanson at Necrobator has posted. The second part covers in-depth analysis of play-styles for the necromancer as well as interesting tid-bids on exploration and social gameplay in GW2. Although not entirely new, the part that got me most excited was: All of those have passages that lead […]

Necrobater | SDCC Interview with Colin Johanson

Necro-philiacs rejoice! Starting up my GW2 news round searches again, I found this very interesting interview (courtesy of Google search, but the interview has also been found on Guru). It’s a very interesting interview covering topics from skills, to versatility of play-styles, to synergy and a brief discussion of the trait system – all with […]

Eric Flannum Talks Engineer

In a new interview on Massively, Eric Flanuum talks more about the Engineer with topics including weapons and gadgets, elixir guns, turrets and more. Here’s a quick primer: Turrets are an exciting concept, but are they complicated to pack up and move, so to speak? What is the skill activation time and recharge like on […]

Rock-Paper-Shotgun | Fanquisition

Another promised interview has been released today: Rock-Paper-Shotgun’s Fanquisition Interview. The questions here are more general, and may seem to repeat what a lot of readers here already know about since the questions were fielded by readers of a more general gaming site. But there are a LOT of questions covering a wide range of […]

Gamereactor | Interview-Part 2: The Engineer

  Media galore day! Gamereactor has released their second part of their interview to complement the release of the new Engineer profession. Many questions were asked to help flesh out more details about this new profession. Head on over to their site, read the interview and share your thoughts here! Source: Gamereactor Interview Part 2

Guild Wars 2 Martin Kerstein Interview

The Guild Wars 2 interviews continue this week and this time German community manager Martin Kerstein is on hand to answer questions posed by the guys over on Rock, Paper Shotgun. In the interview topics discussed include MMO content, the personal story, gear rewards and a few other bits and pieces in the seven questions. […]

IncGamers’ Guild Wars 2 Interview – Part 2

This is the second part of our interview with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum, lead designer of Guild Wars 2 and game designer John Peters who discuss numerous topics posed by the Guild Wars: IncGamers community. If you missed part one, the make sure you check that out also. Read on for part 2…

IncGamers’ Guild Wars 2 Interview Part 1

GuildWars: IncGamers caught up with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum, lead designer of Guild Wars 2 and game designer John Peters to find out how development was going and also get some answers on specific game mechanics. This is the first part of our lengthy interview, part 2 will follow shortly.