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The Molting Alliance

If you just came out of coma as I did, it may seem that a new story dungeon has just appeared out of nowhere! But no! Apparently there’s this cool extended ad going on in Guild Wars 2 (they called it living story) that has been playing for a while to announce this new dungeon. […]

ArenaNet is Hiring Character Artists

ANet is looking for some more talented folks to join their crew — the Character Art Team!  If you hide in occluded shadows or know that a Zbrush is not something to comb your hair with… this could be the job for you! Start the application process here.

The Worlds of the Guild Wars 2 Beta

ANet has released a blog reviewing how the worlds work for the Guild Wars 2 betas.  Catch what is going down for BWE2 here.

Mike Ferguson on WvW Updates

Mike Ferguson is back in another ANet blog on WvW.  Among the subjects this time are chat, squads, siege, and BWE1 World Standings. Check it out here!

Beta Weekend 2 Preview video

Regina has posted a new video on Facebook for the upcoming GW2 BWE2.  Lead Producer Chris Whiteside talks about updates and what he is excited about this time around. Watch the video here!

Your Guild Wars 2 Questions Answered on Reddit

Latest ANet Blog just in! As you may have heard, our next massive Beta Weekend Event kicks off on June 8 at Noon (Pacific). In advance of the Beta, ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien himself is jumping on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session, starting at Noon (Pacific) on June 6 on the /r/gaming subreddit […]

The Dev With the Dragon Tattoo

Thrilled about GW2? Check out the — Dev with the Dragon Tattoo (aka – Content programmer Eric Rane).

PC Gamer Looks at the Upcoming Beta

After digging up some early hands on time with the next Guild Wars 2 beta, PC Gamer shares some of their favorite video treasures. On the page as well is a link to the whole stream of their swash-buckling adventures in level 30 zone, Gendarran Fields (if you missed it when it was live). Keep […]

Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Contest – Kill Ten Rats

ANet has given Kill Ten Rats (MMO Blogsite) 20 beta keys for the upcoming June 8-10 beta weekend.  While these are good only for the upcoming beta weekend it is a chance to get your hands on the game if you have not already done so.  If you don’t have a key and want to […]

MMO Reviews Interviews Eric Flannum

MMO Reviews sat down with Eric Flannum to talk PvP, PvE, and WvW.  Check the interview here.

Guild Wars 2 Is Appealing To Even Non-MMOers

Austin Regimbal from GAMEBREAKER TV is not really into MMOs.  Could Guild Wars 2 have persuaded a  turn around?  Check out the full article and read what aspects of Guild Wars 2 has Austin talking about possible MMO conversion.

GW2 on Rifts, Waterworld and the Nail in the Coffin of Quests

An article on the Verge by Emily Gera looks into Guild Wars 2 with ANet Systems Designer Jon Peters and Global Brand Director Chris Lye.  The familiar and new of MMO gaming are discussed in relation to some core mechanics which make GW2 the game it is.
When ANet guaranteed a “final epic piece of art” they were not kidding.  Yes, the half-million mark for Facebook followers has been reached — good job all!  The final reveal gives us a nice in-game screenshot of Destiny’s Edge confronting the Shatterer — personally embellished by none other then Daniel Dociu.  Check out Guild Wars […]
Mike O’Brien talks about the first Guild Wars 2 open beta–from server capacity to player feedback. “[…] even with 48 worlds we didn’t have enough server capacity to meet the huge demand.” “This was definitely a real beta, designed to find problems, gather player input, and learn what work still needs to be done before we […]