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When the thief was announced, people originally thought it was a very similar profession to the ranger. Their combat styles do show similarities, but do not be mistaken, these are very different professions. In my opinion, the ranger is more similar to the necromancer, and the thief is more similar to the mesmer. Nevertheless, many […]

Head to Head: Ranger vs Necromancer

People who know me know I love summons. So why did I take so long to review what I consider the two main summon-based classes? I have no idea, really. Now, one might also want to include mesmers and engineers as summoning classes, and I’ll address why I won’t include them in this head to […]

Head to Head: Engineer vs Elementalist

People who know me know I love summons. But more than that, I do love hybrids. Guild Wars 2 will offer a lot of ways to play hybrid with all professions, especially with the weapon swaps. However, the two most flexible on-the-fly hybrids have one thing in common… they do not have a weapon swap. […]

Head to Head: Mesmer vs Thief

With the mesmer right off from the press, I thought I’d do a head to head with it. And who best to compare with than the … thief? What was I thinking? Well, in a recent interview, a dev described the mesmer as “a fencing, dueling, finesse, mind game profession”. Does it sound like a […]

Head to Head: Warrior vs Guardian

If you’re thinking about playing melee, there are a few good options. If you plan, however, to stay in the frontlines, you are probably debating between the warrior or the guardian. Both feature many melee weapons, good survival value, and the highest armor in the game. Here, we compare and contrast the two on damage, […]