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ArenaNet’s Mike Z talks first anniversary and the future of Guild Wars 2

Mike Z is enthusiastic about the future of Guild Wars 2 in this interview.

Regina Interview

Regina Buenaobra, as most of you know, is the community manager at ArenaNet and there’s a nice interview with here online here in which discusses her role at the company and of course Guild Wars 2. Given the behind the scenes access Regina has, being part of ArenaNet, we were wondering how much, if at all, it […]

ArenaNet Global Brand Manager Chris Lye talks Subscription Models

Many of you will have heard this week that EA and Bioware are to move Star Wars: The Old Republic over to a free to play model this autumn which was not exactly surprising news. In an inrerview  on the Verghe, ArenaNet global brand manager Chris Lye discusses how the world of MMOs and subscription […]

TubeElephant | Video Interview with Colin Johanson

YouTube user TubeElephant is back, this time with a brand new video interview from Eurogamer Expo with Colin Johanson. The interview includes some previously unanswered questions so well worth the watch. Enjoy!

New 3-part audio interview with Izzy

Up-and coming YouTuber XollFury has posted this three-part in-depth interview with Izzy. Well worth a listen! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Thank you Elidan for the tip!)

Bitgamer | Interview with Colin Johanson

Also the fellows over at Bitgamer were able to snag Colin Johanson for some face time at Eurogamer Expo. It is a lengthy interview with some new information. For instance, there may be even more Guild Wars novels in the future, after the current trilogy is concluded with “Sea of Sorrows”. BG: Are you going to carry […]

PvP Walkthrough Video

A new video showing the PvP that was on show at Gamescom has been released by Gamespot. This was the same PvP zone that was shown on the press briefing and it did look pretty cool. As you know by now, this PvP is more in the style of an FPS with individual servers which […]

Tapped | Profession Interview with Jon & Peter

  Another Profession Interview has emerged at Tapped-Repeatedly with Jon Peters and Jonathan Sharp! But in the tradition of Tapped, these are not your standard profession questions, rather this lengthy and detailled interview dwelves into the background and design decisions that went into designing each class. Make sure to check out another great interview from […]

Engineer Profession Q&A with Eric Flannum

Another short Engineer Profession Q&A with Eric Flannum has emerged at Tentonhammer. Topics covered include technology in GW2 as it is embodied in the engineer profession, the wrench, compatibility of the profession to different races, and some insights into turrets. Source: Tentonhammer

Another Engineer Q&A

More Engineer action to end the week with a short interview over on where Eric Flannum answers more questions on the profession.  Topics include lore, skills and how the Engineer fits with the other professions. Here’s a snip: What type of abilities will Engineers use? Will there be ranged weapons and gadgets? In addition […]