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Jeff Grubb Interview

The guys over at recently caught up with ArenaNet’s Jeff Grubb to find what’s in store now the game is just around the corner. Click and watch!

Daniel Dociu thinks Fans will find Guild Wars 2 Worth the Wait

Paris Games Week may have been over for a couple of months now, but that does not mean that it is done. Just this week, the French site uploaded this video interview with Daniel Dociu, Jeff Grubb and Ben Miller. With a 90-strong art team Daniel Dociu is doing everything to ensure that the Guild Wars […]
A new minor races blog post, penned by Jeff Grubb, was just published over at the ArenaNet blog. The topic of the day is the Grawl, simian creatures living on the edge of civilization. Jeff tells us about Grawl society, their customs and religious beliefs, as well as how they are looked upon by the […]

Jeff Grubb says Sylvari can grow limbs back (probably)

In a fresh lore interview over at the Ashenford Cartel, Jeff Grubb and Eric Flannum answers a lot of in-depth questions about Guild Wars 2 lore. Like the headliner that Sylvari can grow back severed limbs (probably). However we will never see this happen in game since there is no on-camera dismemberment in Guild Wars […]

PCGamer | Asura Interview

  In honor of Asura Week, PCGamer has put together a two-part interview. In the first part, Game and Content Designers Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee get some questions about the asuran capital Rata Sum, and how the architecture mirrors the asuran society. They also talk colleges, golems and more. In the second part, named Love […]