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The engineer got a tool belt overcharge, where every slotted heal/utility skill has a tool belt counterpart. Rangers are able to hotswap between two different pets in combat. And combos have a graphical interphase and their very own nomenclature (“initators” set up the combo and “finishers”, well, finish). These are but some of the news in the blog post Jon […]

Interview With Jon Peters Over at ZAM

Following the Guild Wars 2 press beta a couple of weeks ago and the World versus World blog post and Reddit AMA just after that, it is safe to say that Guild Wars 2 PvP is on a lot of minds these days. So it was quite the treat to read a new interview with […]

Tapped | Profession Interview with Jon & Peter

  Another Profession Interview has emerged at Tapped-Repeatedly with Jon Peters and Jonathan Sharp! But in the tradition of Tapped, these are not your standard profession questions, rather this lengthy and detailled interview dwelves into the background and design decisions that went into designing each class. Make sure to check out another great interview from […]

IncGamers’ Guild Wars 2 Interview – Part 2

This is the second part of our interview with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum, lead designer of Guild Wars 2 and game designer John Peters who discuss numerous topics posed by the Guild Wars: IncGamers community. If you missed part one, the make sure you check that out also. Read on for part 2…

IncGamers’ Guild Wars 2 Interview Part 1

GuildWars: IncGamers caught up with ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum, lead designer of Guild Wars 2 and game designer John Peters to find out how development was going and also get some answers on specific game mechanics. This is the first part of our lengthy interview, part 2 will follow shortly.