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Guildcast Talks Guild Wars 2 With ArenaNet Developers just posted this recording of a live chat that Gary Gannon of Guildcast had earlier with ArenaNet Systems Designer Jonathan Sharp, Community Manager Martin Kerstein and Content Designer Mike Zadorojny. Among other things, underwater PVP is confirmed to exist in the game!

ArenaNet developers talk PvP in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars Insider recently had a sit-down with three of the more PvP-savvy ArenaNet developers – PvP Systems Designers Matt Witter, Mike Ferguson and Jonathan Sharp. In the interview, available in audio as well as transcribed text, the three fellows really let their love for the Guild Wars 2 PvP shine through and they sound […]

Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Starts This Friday

ArenaNet’s Jonathan Sharp just confirmed at a Reddit IAmA session that Guild Wars 2 closed beta starts this Friday. Yes folks, that is the day after tomorrow! (Barring a giant storm brought on by climate change..) The session included a wide range of other interesting and new information as well, which surely will be discussed at length […]

Tapped | Profession Interview with Jon & Peter

  Another Profession Interview has emerged at Tapped-Repeatedly with Jon Peters and Jonathan Sharp! But in the tradition of Tapped, these are not your standard profession questions, rather this lengthy and detailled interview dwelves into the background and design decisions that went into designing each class. Make sure to check out another great interview from […]