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ArenaNet’s developer blog has received another update and in this instalment they take a look at the race of giants called the Jotun. The blog comes with a stack of lore as well as some developer notes on the Jotun. Even though we had established the jotun in the original games, we wanted to really bring them […]
A new minor races blog post, penned by Jeff Grubb, was just published over at the ArenaNet blog. The topic of the day is the Grawl, simian creatures living on the edge of civilization. Jeff tells us about Grawl society, their customs and religious beliefs, as well as how they are looked upon by the […]

Telling Stories in Guild Wars 2

The latest ArenaNet blog update comes from Jeff Grubb who discusses the different story types in the game that make up the whole Tyria experience. While many focus on the personal story, there are also the global stories and iconic stories to think about and without all these pieces Tyria would feel a  lot emptier.

PCGamer | Asura Interview

  In honor of Asura Week, PCGamer has put together a two-part interview. In the first part, Game and Content Designers Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee get some questions about the asuran capital Rata Sum, and how the architecture mirrors the asuran society. They also talk colleges, golems and more. In the second part, named Love […]

Asura Week Day 1

At the first day of Asura week, ArenaNet spoiled us with not one, but two blog posts. First out was Matt Barret, who gave us a glimpse on what went into designing the Asura. From an almost Skritt-like creature to the Asura we love-hate today. He then ends the blog post with an absolutely breathtaking […]

Anet | Dream and Nightmare

In the last part of the Sylvari week, Ree Soesbee gives us insights into the origin, culture, the biology, and dreams and nightmares of the Sylvari race, and the Pale Tree. It starts like this: The sylvari are the youngest race in Guild Wars 2, awakened with the rise of the new age in Tyria. […]

Anet | The Sylvari Soul – Angel McCoy

  The second article covering the Sylvari has been released. Angel McCoy gives an insight into design of the lore for the Sylvari. In the process, we learn about the life style and culture of the Sylvari. The article is supplemented with Sylvari audio clips giving a glimpse into the way the Sylvari think. Head […]

Anet | The Mostly Harmless Quaggan

Jeff Grub has just released a lot of lore information on the Quaggan who are intelligent, benign, amphibious beings who originally made their homes in the depths of the Unending Ocean. They have recently moved into the shallower waters along the Tarnished Coast and the Sea of Sorrows, as well as inland to the freshwater lakes. […]