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GWOnline is very happy to present this interview with ArenaNet about their insights from the beta process so far, and how they go about balancing the game now that we are getting ever closer to release. We were particularly excited to learn that ArenaNet can roll out and test changes to 100 skills in mere minutes, allowing […]

Mike Ferguson on WvW Updates

Mike Ferguson is back in another ANet blog on WvW.  Among the subjects this time are chat, squads, siege, and BWE1 World Standings. Check it out here!

Mike Ferguson’s Reddit AMA on GW2 World vs World

In the middle of the beta signup craze, Mike Ferguson completed his previously promised AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. He answered a lot of questions, but here are some of the more interesting bits: On population cap: [anet]We are still doing tests to see just how far we can push the numbers for WvW. […]
Earlier today systems designer Mike Ferguson posted a blog post about World versus World PvP over at the ArenaNet blog. One of the most looked forward to features of Guild Wars 2, it did not disappoint. Some things were known, some things were new. [anet]We dreamed of a game where players could work together to capture […]

Mike Ferguson Talks WvW on ArenaNet Blog and Reddit

Mike Ferguson just posted an in-depth blog post addressing some of the most common questions about the Guild Wars 2 World versus World format. Subjects covered are siege blueprints, bonuses, server transfers, waypoints, map population caps and the day/night cycle. [anet]Every account has a home server where your characters are created. You can only fight […]

ArenaNet developers talk PvP in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars Insider recently had a sit-down with three of the more PvP-savvy ArenaNet developers – PvP Systems Designers Matt Witter, Mike Ferguson and Jonathan Sharp. In the interview, available in audio as well as transcribed text, the three fellows really let their love for the Guild Wars 2 PvP shine through and they sound […]