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Your Guild Wars 2 Questions Answered on Reddit

Latest ANet Blog just in! As you may have heard, our next massive Beta Weekend Event kicks off on June 8 at Noon (Pacific). In advance of the Beta, ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien himself is jumping on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session, starting at Noon (Pacific) on June 6 on the /r/gaming subreddit […]

Mike O’Brien on Microtransactions

With so much coverage going on here at GWO following the Beta weekend, this almost slipped through the net. Mike O’Brien has been talking to PCGamers about the microtransacton model in Guild Wars 2 following last week’s announcement. The article/interview can be checked out on PCGamer. Here’s a quick snip: [ANET]“You know it’s not going […]
Mike O’Brien posted an interesting update on the ArenaNet blog this evening detailing the game currency and the microtransaction system, an area which has not previously been discussed. Here’s some of the juice from the article. In Guild Wars 2 we have three currencies: gold, karma, and gems. Gold is the common in-game currency. Karma, which players […]