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MMO Report’s Guild Wars 2 voice over special

For their Thanksgiving special show, The MMO Report sent Casey Schreiner over to the ArenaNet studios to have a chat with their voice actor talent as well as try to get himself casted as one! PC Games – E3 2012 – Guild Wars 2

MMO PAX Report

This week’s G4 MMO Report looks at PAX which recently concluded. The report takes a gander at some of the upcoming MMOs which of course includes Guild Wars 2.

MMO Report Guild Wars 2 Special

There’s a new MMO Report and this latest edition is a Guild Wars 2 special from ArenaNet following last week’s press events with casey checking out the game and offices. Get stuck in! Thanks Nemeon Lion.

MMO Report on the Engineer

The Engineer news keeps on flowing and the latest G4 MMO Report with Casey mentions the new profession in this week’s MMO news round-up.