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This Week on IncGamers: New Site and more

It’s been another busy week here on IncGamers with a few bits and pieces we wanted to bring to your attention. We have launched a new site focusing on Wargaming’s titles World of Tanks and the upcoming World of Warplanes and World of Battleships. If you’re a fan of the series then do pop over and […]

Top 10 Meta-Reasons Guild Wars 2 is a 10

A lot of the same reasons come up when you see people’s top 10: no subscription fee, low grind, high replay value, AAA, dynamic events, WvW, visceral combat… however, Guild Wars 2 isn’t a grocery list of gimmicks, rather, those features are the tip of the iceberg that is ArenaNet’s design philosophy. That philosophy permeates […]

Beta Weekend 2 Coverage Round-up – Part 2

There’s been a lot of GW2 action since the Beta wrapped up so let’s tale a look at more of of the coverage both here and around the Intertubes. GWO How to gether, how to craft – by Gorani Running and Waypoints in GW2 – by CMEPTb Musings of an Armchair Mesmer – Changes between beta tests – […]

ArenaNet Dev Team Share their Favourite Guild Wars 2 Skills

IGN managed to pin down the ArenaNet dev team to find out exactly what their favourite professions and skills are in the game. It’s  fun read and there are nine to read through. Here’s a snip: Well of Darkness + Churning Earth = Rockin’ AoE Damage Professions: Necromancer, Elementalist “This is a brutal combo. A […]
There has been quite a few articles and videos pop up this week which you may want to check out, some from PAX an also Gamescom. As always we’ll keep you up to date with more coverage as it happens and feel free to mail in anything you spot for the news: Previews PikiGeek PAX […]