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7 Unique Skill Types in Guild Wars 2

Every new MMORPG claims to re-invent the wheel to get new customers. But many have failed to live up to their own generated hype. Here I discuss 7 skill types that, while not entirely new to the MMORPG genre, have been considerably re-worked and re-tooled, making them feel fresh, fresh, exciting! Although I think the […]

Random Comments that Didn’t Fit in the Other Articles

In this article, I’ll be making random comments on quest types, professions, maps and traveling, grouping quick, and UI. Enjoy! Quest types – Made for Diversity Yes, it’s an MMO, so you will have to kill stuff, help people, collect junk. It’s unavoidable. However, ArenaNet has improved the formula quite a bit by: (1) Making […]
Now that’s just not, natural… Conditions in GW2 don’t just affect combat, they rain upon it; casting a rainbow the many colors of demise.  Whether or not its natural to take down a target in record time via every affliction under the sun can be left to debate — I confess though,  it warms my […]

Head to Head: Ranger vs Necromancer

People who know me know I love summons. So why did I take so long to review what I consider the two main summon-based classes? I have no idea, really. Now, one might also want to include mesmers and engineers as summoning classes, and I’ll address why I won’t include them in this head to […]

ArenaNet Dev Team Share their Favourite Guild Wars 2 Skills

IGN managed to pin down the ArenaNet dev team to find out exactly what their favourite professions and skills are in the game. It’s  fun read and there are nine to read through. Here’s a snip: Well of Darkness + Churning Earth = Rockin’ AoE Damage Professions: Necromancer, Elementalist “This is a brutal combo. A […]