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A load of info for the Lost Shores update has come our way today detailing more of the new content that’s coming this week. As well as the new Karka enemy who are rising from the depths to wreak havok on Tyria, there’s a new PvP map set within a Kodan dojo, new gear which includes weapons, […]
To the new players, World vs World (WvW) can be daunting. It has that effect on me, but that’s usually when I’m solo defending a failing tower. I don’t want new players running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  I have two reasons for this, Unorganized players risk helping the enemy and I […]

Official: Live Broadcast of New PvP Map

At 2 PM PT, Jonathan Sharp will be broadcasting a new PvP map for Guild Wars 2! Don’t miss out (links below)! [ANET]Jonathan Sharp is going to be showing off a new PvP map live at 2:00 PM PST on :  ~RB2 #GW2[/ANET] Source: UPDATE: A recording of the broadcast is now available on YouTube.

MMO Reviews Interviews Eric Flannum

MMO Reviews sat down with Eric Flannum to talk PvP, PvE, and WvW.  Check the interview here.

A Weekend in World vs World.

World vs World vs World (WvWvW), shortened to WvW, is ArenaNet’s version of large-scale war. I spent all my playable time this last BWE to try it and report on it. And I loved it. I’m still a PvE player at heart, but I will be returning to WvW quite a bit. In Guild Wars […]

Structured Player vs. Player

Structured PvP is ArenaNet’s competitive PvP. Let’s be honest for a moment, I assume that World vs. World will be a lot of fun, but it’s hardly the place you would go to see which of two teams actually have the best skills. Structured PvP is ArenaNet’s best chance at an e-sport. Now before I […]

Guardians of Tyria | Tirzah Bauer talks about the guardian

Varyn over at Guardians of Tyria had the opportunity to talk to Tirzah Bauer, environment artist for ArenaNet and part of the team that designed the Battle of Kyhlo PvP map. Tirzah was part of ArenaNet’s PvP team at gamescom and PAX Prime, where she played a female asura guardian. In the interview she shares […]

New 3-part audio interview with Izzy

Up-and coming YouTuber XollFury has posted this three-part in-depth interview with Izzy. Well worth a listen! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Thank you Elidan for the tip!)

Isaiah Cartwright Talks PvP

The Paradigm Shift managed to pin down Isaiah Cartwright who talks more about the recently revealed PvP. Thanks Lensor.

Team Legacy | Interview w/ Boon Control about PvP

For those who were following Gamescom 2011, you know that the guild Boon Control was chosen to play demonstration PvP matches against the developers. An interview has surfaced over at Team Legacy that deeply probes how they prepared for these matches, and their impression of what the state of GW2 PvP is. It’s deep and […]