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Interview with Ree Soesbee about writing, gaming and beyond

The fan site Guild Wars Insider just published a very excellent and long interview with Ree Soesbee, Writer and Lore & Continuity Designer for Guild Wars 2. In the interview Ree talks about when she first got interested in fantasy, how she got into writing, and gives us the inside scoop on some of her […]

PCGamer | Asura Interview

  In honor of Asura Week, PCGamer has put together a two-part interview.┬áIn the first part, Game and Content Designers Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee get some questions about the asuran capital Rata Sum, and how the architecture mirrors the asuran society. They also talk colleges, golems and more. In the second part, named Love […]

Asura Week Day 5

On the final day of Asura Week, Ree Soesbee shares a piece of Asura lore. In a short story Ree paints another vivid picture of life in Tyria, this time about an asuran Krewe on a mission going pearshaped. By the time they burst out into the main skritt cavern, it was already a free-for-all. […]

Anet | Dream and Nightmare

In the last part of the Sylvari week, Ree Soesbee gives us insights into the origin, culture, the biology, and dreams and nightmares of the Sylvari race, and the Pale Tree. It starts like this: The sylvari are the youngest race in Guild Wars 2, awakened with the rise of the new age in Tyria. […]