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Watch the Sylvari Cinematic

OK, so you are all playing tright now, but just in case you are for some reason not playing, the Sylvari cinematic is below along with some commentary from Ree Soesbee. Now, back to the Beta!

CynicalBrit | High Level Sylvari Necromancer Gameplay

TotalBiscuit is at the Eurogamer Expo and got the chance to play some high level content with a sylvari necromancer. Part 1: Part 2:

Anet | Dream and Nightmare

In the last part of the Sylvari week, Ree Soesbee gives us insights into the origin, culture, the biology, and dreams and nightmares of the Sylvari race, and the Pale Tree. It starts like this: The sylvari are the youngest race in Guild Wars 2, awakened with the rise of the new age in Tyria. […]

Anet | The Sylvari Soul – Angel McCoy

  The second article covering the Sylvari has been released. Angel McCoy gives an insight into design of the lore for the Sylvari. In the process, we learn about the life style and culture of the Sylvari. The article is supplemented with Sylvari audio clips giving a glimpse into the way the Sylvari think. Head […]

Anet | Kristen Perry – Redesigning the Sylvari

  The first article on the week-long coverage of the Sylvari has just been released. Kristen Perry discusses the thought processes and challenges on the design and redesign of the Sylvari. She writes that: There‚Äôs one big root to the design direction of the Sylvari that I hold most dear: it all must stem from […]

Sylvari Week Incoming

This is the one many of you have been waiting for, Sylvari week! From next Monday ArenaNet will kick off their special Sylvari week. Beginning this Monday, the official ArenaNet Blog will focus on the race most recently introduced into the world of Tyria, the plant-born Sylvari. As a race that has recently emerged, the […]