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What’s Up With All The Top 10s Today?

The keen observer will have noticed an unusual amount of “Top 10″ content from Guild Wars 2 fansites today. And she or he would be right, because it is no accident! Thinking it would be fun to do a co-ordinated Guild Wars 2 Fansite Flash Content Spike we asked around among our friends who would be interested in […]

Top 10 Meta-Reasons Guild Wars 2 is a 10

A lot of the same reasons come up when you see people’s top 10: no subscription fee, low grind, high replay value, AAA, dynamic events, WvW, visceral combat… however, Guild Wars 2 isn’t a grocery list of gimmicks, rather, those features are the tip of the iceberg that is ArenaNet’s design philosophy. That philosophy permeates […]