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Official: Live Broadcast of New PvP Map

At 2 PM PT, Jonathan Sharp will be broadcasting a new PvP map for Guild Wars 2! Don’t miss out (links below)! [ANET]Jonathan Sharp is going to be showing off a new PvP map live at 2:00 PM PST on :  ~RB2 #GW2[/ANET] Source: UPDATE: A recording of the broadcast is now available on YouTube.

World vs World Explained in new Video

Most of you reading this site won’t need WvW explained but in case you are new to the game or did not have chance to try it out in the Beta, the ArenaNet team has whipped up this video to explain how it works.

Dungeon Sets Video

I came across this video earlier today from Dontain showing all Dungeon armor sets for all races and genders. A very nice compilation this one.

Guild Wars 2 vs Other MMOs Parody Video

Just spotted this and thought it was pretty funny if you have ever watched the comparison type adverts for Macs or Google and MS. I think the GW2 guy wins no problem here.

TubeElephant | Video Interview with Colin Johanson

YouTube user TubeElephant is back, this time with a brand new video interview from Eurogamer Expo with Colin Johanson. The interview includes some previously unanswered questions so well worth the watch. Enjoy!

ArenaNet’s Tirzah Bauer talks Environmental Art

A new video has been added to G4 which profiles ArenaNet’s Tirzah Bauer. In this video Tirzah talks about her job working as an Environment artist at ArenaNet and what the job actually involves.

Anet | “Guild Wars 2 Hinter den Kulissen”

A Behind-The-Scenes on German voice acting in GW2 was just posted on the official Anet. If you don’t know German, the video is structured in a similar way as the original video on voice acting in GW2 “Giving Tyria a Voice”. I have posted that video here for comparison. It’s interesting to see how voice […]

PvP Walkthrough Video

A new video showing the PvP that was on show at Gamescom has been released by Gamespot. This was the same PvP zone that was shown on the press briefing and it did look pretty cool. As you know by now, this PvP is more in the style of an FPS with individual servers which […]

MMORGUE | Video Coverage of GW2 and SW:TOR

While waiting for tomorrow’s profession information release, I stumbled across another video covering Guild Wars 2. This is the first video coming from MMORGUE, a site that looks at MMORPG games from a more high level perspective. It’s not exactly a news article but rather a feature discussion article exploring what features make GW2 stand […]