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Wintersday WvW Changes

ArenaNet posted an update on the official boards which explains the WvW changes coming for Wintersday based on feedback and also part of their update pipeline. If you have not read it then read on below. [ANET] Advance notification of new builds In order to allow WvW players to make good decions about siege placement, […]

World vs World Explained in new Video

Most of you reading this site won’t need WvW explained but in case you are new to the game or did not have chance to try it out in the Beta, the ArenaNet team has whipped up this video to explain how it works.
To the new players, World vs World (WvW) can be daunting. It has that effect on me, but that’s usually when I’m solo defending a failing tower. I don’t want new players running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  I have two reasons for this, Unorganized players risk helping the enemy and I […]

Mike Ferguson on WvW Updates

Mike Ferguson is back in another ANet blog on WvW.  Among the subjects this time are chat, squads, siege, and BWE1 World Standings. Check it out here!

MMO Reviews Interviews Eric Flannum

MMO Reviews sat down with Eric Flannum to talk PvP, PvE, and WvW.  Check the interview here.