Tequatl Rising update on 17 September

Tequatl the Sunless

More content goodness is coming your way on 17 September and it’s called Tequatl Rising. The update will include the LFG tool too which is great news.

Details have been filtered into the official wiki and include:

Tequatl Rising

  • The event has a 15:00 minute time limit.
  • Tequatl has new combat mechanics
    • Now has a Scales effect that summons the Bone Wall and makes Tequatl invulnerable until the wall is destroyed. Turrets have a skills to remove stacks of the Scales effect.
    • Stomps the ground, sending out a tidal wave that knocks players back and can hit multiple times. Players can jump over and doge through the wave, similar to the fight with King Toad.
    • Tequat’s Fingers will continously be summoned on the field, requiring players to take them out to avoid being constantly knocked around.
    • Spews poison fields across the area. These pulse every second, inflicting damage and poison. Turrets can be used to remove the poison fields.
    • Summons vines that pull players under the bog if they get too close. They will take continuous damage and must swim to the surface to get back to the fight.
  • Tequatl changes combat phase at every 25% health to a secondary phase. On a secondary phase, an event starts where players must defend three batteries arranged around a cannon.
    • If any of the four areas falls, the event fails.
    • If the event succeeds, Tequatl gets shot by a laser and the players can damage him while he is stunned.
    • The batteries and cannon will be attacked by waves of Risen, including champion Risen. The enemies scaled up to 69 and in large numbers.
  • If the event fails, Tequatl will send a giant tidal wave that will wipe out players unless they use the launch pads to avoid. Risen Rotmouths will appear in the area until Tequatl returns.
  • Launch pads reminiscent of Lightning Pull move players to and between the cannon and batteries.
  • New reward system
    • Intermediate foes during the event will not drop any loot
    • Completing the event will give a reward, potentially including unique ascended weapon skins
    • Like Scarlet’s Minions Invade!, Tequatl will provide rewards every 25% health (every phase) in addition to a Bonus Chest for defeating him.

LFG Tool

  • Categories for different in-game activities, including Living World things, dungeons and fractals at different levels and WvW maps
  • Each category will show you a list of parties looking for group from the whole region
  • Only parties with a compatible size with your own party will be displayed (e.g. if you are two players in a group, you will only see parties with 3 or less players)

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