The Edge Project

The Edge Project is a new idea that comes straight from the community for the community. The nature of Guild Wars 2 has a huge focus on story and character we thought we would do the same here. I’m Azure by the way and I would like to introduce you to GWOnline’s new community project called ‘Edge’

As we all know with Guild Wars 2, the developers wanted to tell the player a story, our own personal ones, so we thought we should start telling stories ourselves. What we’ve come up with is a cross between a blog, a let’s play, and fan fiction. Essentially the project involves a large number of gamers, writing about their experiences in game as the character. However, this is just the scratching the surface; this whole project focuses on you, the community.

Destiny's Edge

Tell your story in the Edge project.

I’ll be posting my main character’s back story every day until during early access and then the main blog will take off, which is when we need you. We’ll be organising competitions, in game events and forum threads as the project expands. Certain bloggers will have a unique mechanic in their own blog for you to get involved in, mine is the Tyrian Tourist. Certain places that my character will visit will not have names, or is complexly new and unknown. To win, all you have to do is submit the location of where I am to the forum with a screen shot of your character. Prizes have yet to be decided but I do know one thing, your character will be written into the story and immortalised on the front page. This is just the beginning; we’ll be organising community events, larger scale competitions and ways to highlight you as a player on the website.

I will not be alone, we’re currently getting together a core team of writers, one from each of the other races, to join me, blogging our way through the game in honour of Destiny’s Edge. We’re also looking for guest writers, and input from community as to the direction we go in to twists in the plot, extra characters and a whole manner of craziness that we can get into. The community will always be at the heart of this project and is now the websites key mantra. Although we’ll be playing and writing these characters, you can get involved and change things and will be rewarded for doing so. Keep an eye out for the Edge Blogs that will be showing up across the site and events and competitions related to it, this will be an opportunity you’ll not want to miss.

If you feel up to the challenge of taking on an Edge Blog or want more information private message me on here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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