The Guardian (actually) Revealed

Following the teaser that the guardian would be revealed this week, now we have the full reveal here.

The guardian is a difficult profession to classify… She (the blue mace lady) does not have the large choice of weapons that a warrior has (3 main, 3 focus, 3 2H for guardian, vs 3 main, 5 focus, 4 2H for warrior). The guardian cannot use bows or rifles, and cannot dual-wield. However, she can use staves and scepters. She definitely has more magic abilities, in-tune with protective monk-like abilities that work mainly nearby or at the location of the guardian. Therefore, she’s a physical/magical, melee protective, summoner?!? Better look at the web page and decide for yourself, but it certainly sounds like it’ll be a fun profession to play…

Some highlights

Virtues are passive benefits that can be activated (with cooldown) to pass the benefits to allies but lose it on yourself.

Spirit weapons are weapon summons that stay for a given time and that foes can’t target.

Symbols and wards are skills that target a location and leave a temporary effect, either protective or damaging.

I’m personally looking forward to playing this profession (though not my first choice) mainly for the spirit weapons and the team protection aspects. It promises a very interesting melee gameplay.


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