The item color coding of Guild Wars 2

Just a little news item for your information. Guild Wars 2 introduces a new color coding for its items that does not follow the footsteps of the original Guild Wars. It looks like this:

Most of the PvE drops we have seen in the beta events so far have been basic whites and fine blues – and the occasional green. Those are the items crafting professions can make, too. About the higher level and rarity items, I have no information right now, but you can expect them to be dungeon rewards and max level items, that are sold as race exclusive items in the home towns and at those vendors in LA, who stand next to Dugal Keane. I could be wrong, but a PvP character should get some items of the rare, exotic and legendary kind from the glory and karma vendors in the Mists.

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  • There was one question asked at the EU FanDay that fits to this: asked about crafting and end-game items.

    Eric Flannum: “[…] And so that high end reward thing, appearance is really the thing, but as far as power goes, you can get power by doing any part of the game.”

    Before that, he mentions dungeons, crafting, WvW. So it sounds like we could get those items from different areas of the game including crafting. :) No idea about random loot drops, though. ;)

  • blue before green? wierd.
    almost universal now that green is first tier above common
    otherwise looks pretty good, reminds me some of PSO

  • Isn’t there also a “grey” class, for junk items? Or maybe those are only for stuff that can’t be worn.

  • With so many folks leaving WoW for GW2, there’s bound to be some confusion as to the color hierarchy… but white, blue, gold, and green has been the drop “prism” for GW1 since the early days :) Welcome to the new kids!

  • You forgot purple in the GW1 item prism :wink:
    But I agree, green as the second lowest grade is NOT some universal truth.

  • If you believe a post on Reddit, Legendary items will change their colour to purple.