The MS Toga Party is Tomorrow, April 21st!

As most of our visitors have probably noticed, this last month or so there has been a banner promoting the MS Toga Party in our Friends widget. MS Toga Party is a charity fundraising event with the aim to raise support and awareness on Multiple Sclerosis. And tomorrow, April 21, the day has finally come! You can participate in the event live by joining one of the hosted districts, tuning in to GW-EN radio or listening to the GuildWars2Live stream. There are also Twitter and Facebook pages you can follow, MS Walks out in the afk world, and of course all donations to the MS Society are much appreciated.

Once again, Gamers Giving Back and the Gaming World Entertainment Network will be hosting the MS Toga Party! The event is a charity fundraising event, hosted within the game Guild Wars. Its aim is to raise awareness and support for those who are effected by Multiple Sclerosis. The event takes place in April to coincide with the North American Wide Supercities MS Walks. The ‘Toga Party’ can be found in international districts of Chahbek Village inside of the game’s world.

So head right over to the MS Toga Party web page for all the details! (also posted in our community advertising forum)

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